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Membrane and small cataract are more influence to my 'long eye'. generic viagra tablet I take it you might be in the uk (? viagra 40 mg dosage ) seems like there is more forthright opinion generated by your md's than i have locally in the chicago area. This area reeks for good eye mds, including our teaching hospital universities. Effectiveness of viagra and viagra No two doctors in subspecialties of the eye will talk between each other about my conditons. side effects from viagra and alcohol Regisruin   danderson senior member username: danderson post number: 773 registered: 06-2005 posted on wednesday, march 25, 2009 - 01:00 pm:    wagner, just one comment. buying viagra over the counter in germany False negative responses are expected if the visual field is abnormal, and doesn't mean the field is unreliable - necessarily. It could be that with cataract removed, in actual fact the test more clearly revealed the abnormal area, but also made for false negative errors. australian generic viagra Now, it does depend on which machine and which model of the machine is used. canadian viagra discounts In the most modern machines, the false negative "catch trials" (times when they try to fool you) are done only at places in the field that are normal. generic viagra free shipping In older versions, the catch trials were done at random locations, and if it was in an abnormal area, the catch trial may falsely report a false negative response. generic viagras brought in united states Not all doctors know the details of how the visual field machines do the test, and in the early days it was thought that all false negative responses represent unreliability. viagra and high blood pressure treatment Now we know that is not true of the older models, but is improved in the newer ones, but still not perfect.   danderson senior member username: danderson post number: 774 registered: 06-2005 posted on wednesday, march 25, 2009 - 01:24 pm:    there are older types of oct. cheapest price on viagra Improvements have been made, and newer models do a better job (as one would hope). australian generic viagra Spectralis is one of the newer models of oct. trusted on line sites to buy viagra Just a clarification of terminology. viagra sale australia Of course, fluid can be there on one occasion and (happily) go away later. Depending on how much time between the older version oct and the spectralis oct, it could be an actual change rather improved technology.   wagner member username: wagner post number: 90 registered: 06-2008 posted on wednesday, march 25, 2009 - 01:28 pm:    regisruin well i got some spots in my visual field that are called a-typical (not typical for glaucoma) they can determine this, as the los of reitnal ganglion cells is going in a typical way: not inidvual spots but moving from or to the optic nerve. mr viagra movie Danderson could explain that far better that i can. I am very mopic too, i don't think that has anything to do with it. Viagra mg 25 When they remove the membrane, they will remove actually the ilm (internal limiting membrane, the outer layer of 12 of the retina. Safe to buy generic viagra online I guess that has a more or less standard thickness. australian generic viagra But the ilm is very thin in itself to begin with. buy generic viagra May be your retina doc is uncertain if he an do it? If you are highly myopic, your retina will be stretched out, a. contact